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  • Electronic Ballast
  • Polished Reflectors
  • HID Light Systems
  • Energy Management Controls
  • T8 Energy Efficient Lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Dimming Controls Energy
  • Efficient Light Fixtures
  • LED Exits/Kits
  • Bi-Level HID Systems
  • Complete inventory of light bulbs


Relamping:  Relamping is a program where all of the lamps in a lighting system are replaced at one time. Analysis of the lighting system includes bulb life projections and probable failure rates. At a fixed point in time, usually at 80% to 90% of projected bulb life, all of the lights are replaced at once. Labor savings alone exceed the value of the used lamps even though some of the lamps have not burned out.

Benefits of relamping programs are reduced overall cost in the operation of the lighting system, more even illumination levels, improved luminance levels from new clean bulbs, reduction of labor costs, and nonintrusive changout during downtimes or after hours.

Retrofitting:  In considering redesign of an existing lighting system, group relamping is considered in order to maximize savings. Efficient, knowledgeable design with operating costs, reduced labor costs, environmental impact considerations and system efficiency and safety built in, results in multi-dimensional benefits.

Energy costs are a prime candidate for cost savings, specifically electrical lighting costs. Taking advantage of the latest energy-saving advances in lighting technology can add up to significant savings, particularly for national companies with multiple locations. Additionally, many utility companies offer discounts for increased energy efficiency programs.

Lighting upgrades have other benefits as well, including increased employee productivity. In the retail environment, superior lighting can also improve the color rendition of merchandise and enhance the buying experience for customers, which can, in turn, positively impact sales.

Proper illumination levels, as well as color and diffusion of light result in increased employee productivity, and reduction of strain and stress. Appropriate retail lighting by experts, can increase sales and customer satisfaction and encourage return sales.

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