Infrared Scanning:
Brite-Lite-Electrical offers an Infrared Scanning Service that can be a very effective tool for troubleshooting equipment and finding potential problems before they can escalate into life and property threatening situations. Fixing or replacing a critical part before it becomes a major hazard is always less expensive. By scanning in the Infrared spectrum, the real-time temperature of internal or inaccessible parts can be measured accurately. Contact us for a quote and more details

The key to providing the proper recommended lighting and energy management system begins with you. Key issues we discuss include:
  • Energy savings
  • Appropriate Illumination levels
  • Illumination color
  • Maintenance
  • Glare reduction

Site Audits: Installation of new lighting systems begins with a professional audit by experienced technicians. The audit includes:
  • Light levels
  • Fixture quality
  • Appropriate light levels
  • Energy consumption
  • Amperage readings
  • Appropriate light levels
  • Before and after photographs

Lighting Maintenance Programs can Include:
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Ballast replacement
  • Hazardous materials removal
  • Lighting fixture repairs
  • Electrical trouble shooting
  • Installation of new fixtures
  • Removal of Mercury bulbs
  • PCB Removal
  • Signage service / Neon lighting
  • Parking lot lighting Maintenance
  • Neon Service
  • Environmentally Sensitive Disposal


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